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Top 10 things I can’t wait to teach my new grandson

Top 10 things I can’t wait to teach my new grandson

By Torry Stiles

(Dear readers: Thomas Oliver Henderson was born Thursday, June 22 to my daughter Vanessa and her husband, Phil. They’ve got their work cut out for them for the next few decades, but I have my own obligations to help raise this child right.)

10. Your parents are human and may make mistakes. Your grandfather simply has a few personal quirks you’ll have to tolerate.

9. You may pick your lovers but try to always choose one that can buy dinner once in a while.

8.  Take pride in your strengths by using them to help those who are weaker. You look and feel a lot stronger that way.

7.  There is always room for art and music, especially if you are holding an old Pink Floyd album.

6.  Respect your mother and father so that you can all agree on a pleasant nursing home later.

5. Be healthy now so that you’re not the one with all the heart attack stories.

4. We all must go someday. Enjoy them now for the fond memories and the improved chance at inheriting a motorcycle.

3. Follow your heart but let your brain know where you’re going so you pack the right footwear.

2. Love openly but keep in mind that there are cameras everywhere.

1. Tread softly for you’re less likely to hurt what you step on or get stuck in what you step in.

Thomas Oliver Henderson. (Photo courtesy of Torry Stiles)

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