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Top 10 things for Colts fans to do now

Top 10 things for Colts fans to do now

By Torry Stiles

10. Quietly cry yourself to sleep clutching your favorite Peyton Manning jersey.

9.  Fire up the VCR with those tapes from 2007.

8. Learn to love professional cornhole competitions.

7. Ask the bartender to sell you your $3 beer for $9 just so you can pretend you’re back at the stadium.

6. Commiserate with some Pacers fans and tell each other how this is just a rebuilding season.

5. Try one of those cooking shows. There’s a lot less violence but just as much cussing.

4.  Rework your Fantasy Football team to include only the worst players to try and improve your spot in the Fantasy Football Draft next year.

3. Have your tattoo guy remake your “Colts Super Bowl Champs 2023” into “Colts Super Bowl Champs 2024” just like you had him fix the “Colts Super Bowl Champs 2022” tattoo.

2.  Add more items to your collection of former Colts quarterback memorabilia.

1. Take comfort knowing Tom Brady’s season has also ended.


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