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Top 10 signs you screwed up last Valentine’s Day

Top 10 signs you screwed up last Valentine’s Day

By Torry Stiles

10.  Store-bought cards can be very touching gifts for those you love, but you should not have gone with the Scooby-Doo set from the dollar store.

9.  It’s fine to include her mom, but adding the sister is often a risky move.

8. When recycling flowers, always remove the name of the funeral home where you got them.

7.  If there are more than one Valentine-worthy companions, always double-check the names before passing out the cards.

6.  I’m sure pedicures are fun. I’m sure you meant well. I’m sure he would appreciate you not posting pictures on Facebook.

5. That was your mom’s favorite perfume, wasn’t it?

4. It’s okay, guys. We all tried the heart-shaped meatloaf idea at least once.

3. He just got off the phone tearfully telling his mom about how much he was looking forward to the WWE’s next visit.

2. She’s sitting up in bed next to you telling you to just close your eyes.

1. The phrase, “I’m fine,” has been used about every other sentence.

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