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Top 10 signs things are not going back to ‘normal’ at your job

By Torry Stiles

10. There were 10 people on that last department Zoom call, but four of them were played by Muppets from Sesame Street.

9. So many employees are working from home that the most senior person actually in the building is Shaun who fills the soda pop machine.

8. The kids have started calling the Amazon driver “Daddy.”

7. The employee handbook has updated the company dress code with a new ban on pajamas during department meetings.

6. The building was bought by the Chinese; the delivery service was bought by the Russians and you’re pretty sure that your department may actually now be at war with the maintenance guys.

5. You’ve been out of so much stuff that you need to make your product that you honestly have forgotten what you make.

4. Courtney from HR is refusing to go back to full time because Mister Fluffy Muffins “wuvs his mommy’s cuddle-wuddles SO much.”

3.  Your restaurant is so short-staffed that the hostess just called for DoorDash to bring the food from the kitchen to Table Seven.

2.  Lawanda from accounting had actually run off to Florida last year, and her granddaughter Tiffany has been handling the bookkeeping.

1. Tiffany is demanding a raise so she can go to Disney for her 12th birthday.

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