Top 10 signs they might not be deserving panhandlers

Top 10 signs they might not be deserving panhandlers

By Torry Stiles

10. Needs money for baby formula because they have a 3-month-old, an 8-month-old and an 11-month-old.

9. She says she’s sleeping under the bridge but is all ready to talk about what was on Netflix the night before.

8. You’re known for giving a guy 20 bucks to sweep your parking lot but show up early one morning and catch him out there dumping your trash cans out in your parking lot.

7.  She’s shaking an empty Starbucks cup at you while drinking from a steaming full one.

6. He didn’t need those crutches when he chased you down and cussed you out for leaving a dollar.

5. “Gee whiz. A Ford Taurus. The folks at the Methodist church are offering a Chevy Malibu. Can you toss in some gas money and tires?”

4. “Kids grow so fast. Instead of a bag of clothes can you do some gift cards? Kohl’s would be nice, but I’ll do Macy’s.”

3. He asks for loose change but will take Cash App or Venmo.

2. He says he needs a computer for school but when you ask what type he answers, “PS5.”

1.During the hymnal they’re singing, “Rock of Ages, Crack for me …”

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