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Top 10 signs that the Southside may be growing too fast

Top 10 signs that the Southside may be growing too fast

By Torry Stiles

10. Used to be we’d meet “around about six” but now we have to go through six roundabouts to meet.

9. Haven’t seen one of those birdhouses shaped like a Burger Chef in a long time.

8. Homecroft’s got two signs now.

7. We didn’t used to need all these animal rescue groups and shelters. Everybody used to know everybody AND their dogs.

6. There are giant TV billboards along the interstate that have more channels and just as many commercials as we had on our TV back in the day.

5. Kids don’t do Chinese fire drills at stoplights anymore, but they might halt traffic in both directions for the newest Tik-Tok challenge.

4. Hardly ever see a bottle of Strawberry Hill just chucked in the median anymore.

3. I hear the IRS is setting up the panhandlers on US 31 with 10-99s and arranging their Social Security withholdings.

2. It wasn’t that long ago that Bob’s-Tu-Your-Door Pizza was fancy eatin’. Now, it weren’t no Lotus Garden but you did brag to the neighbors a bit.

1.Now that Greenwood is bragging about their “riverfront” does that mean Southport is going to hire a harbormaster?

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