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Top 10 signs that old age is catching up with me

Top 10 signs that old age is catching up with me

By Torry Stiles

10.  The other day I had to explain who The Beatles were.

9. More and more the waitresses are steering me to the softer foods.

8.  I might be aging with dignity, but damn, my toes get uglier every year.

7. Walgreens calls to remind me that I’m eligible for more senior discounts.

6.  I forget most people’s names, but I will remember the dog’s.

5. I give driving directions based upon what USED to be at the corner where they’re gonna turn.

4. I’ve lost track of which president I’ve hated the most.

3. I don’t need to go out partying because I already feel like I’ve already partied too hard.

2.  I’m trying to figure out which grandparent I resemble most, and despite the beard, I do believe I have become my Grandmother Stiles.

1.A co-worker pulled me aside to ask me for something. Thirty years it might have been a request for some beer money or weed. This time it was to get a test strip for a glucose meter because he had run out and heard I was carrying one.

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