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Top 10 signs of Spring 2023

Top 10 signs of Spring 2023

By Torry Stiles

10. Everybody else is trotting out their old, worn-out jokes about potholes … but not THIS guy.

9. The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and you can hear the plastic being peeled off the windows all over town.

8. Kids are finally playing outside again so I can yell at them to get off my lawn.

7. Bathing suits are back to full price and the hat and glove sets are back in the discount bin.

6. You’re thinking a campfire, or a cookout would be a good idea this weekend.

5.  The supply of bubbles and Frisbees is a tad low.

4. The dog’s vet stopped pushing the $30 diet dog food and is pushing the $30 flea pill.

3. You bought a bag of marshmallows; just in case….

2.  We’ll be leaving the hoodies and sweaters at home soon. Time to start that weight loss program.

1. You’re really seriously considering making s’mores right about now.


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