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Top 10 signs of a cheap airline

Top 10 signs of a cheap airline

By Torry Stiles

10. Your midflight meal is a pitch-in.

9. It costs extra to check your baggage and extra again to get it back.

8. The “aisle seating” option is IN the aisle, not ON the aisle.

7. The cockpit staff is asking for volunteers and are willing to train.

6. They’re passing around the hat for the fuel truck.

5. The new company logo is on masking tape over the old logo.

4.  Takeoff is delayed 15 minutes for one of the ground crew to bring out the “good” jumper cables.

3.  For an extra 20 bucks you can smoke in the bathroom. Another 20 lets you smoke whatever you want.

2. They’ve overbooked the flight and are going to have passengers wrestle for their seats in the lobby before boarding.

1.“In the event of a water landing – and, Lord, we’re awful tired of those. …”

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