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Top 10 recent struggles in the Stiles house

Top 10 recent struggles in the Stiles house

By Torry Stiles

10. Waking up in the middle of the night thinking there was an injured cat in the house only to realize I had a snot whistling.

9. Explaining to my 9-year-old nephew that if scientists were to recreate a wooly mammoth it is rather doubtful that it would develop into a big Jurassic Park tragedy.

8. We’re kinda in-between new comic book movies.

7. Going to the store late on “Pi Day” and discovering they’re down to a few sad-looking apple pies and a sweet potato that somebody already stuck a finger into.

6. Explaining to my 9-year-old nephew that i wasn’t there in pioneer days, and I never made my cows pull a wagon.

5. Apologizing for sitting in the dog’s chair.

4.  Packing enough clothing from T-shirts to parkas to cope with March weather.

3. Reassuring my 9-year-old nephew that nobody is shooting anybody at the mall today and that this is just a Dollar Tree and hardly anybody is out to shoot up a Dollar Tree.

2. Apologizing to my Alexa for not saying “please” and “thank you.”

1. Calming my 9-year-old nephew who is worried that his stuffed toy crocodile and his stuffed toy tyrannosaurus rex got together and now the T-rex is pregnant.

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