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Top 10 recent quotes from Will Rogers (were he alive today) No. 31

10. “We seem to get meaner with each other every time another president is getting elected. We just need to remember that we can always pick another one in a few more years. It ain’t like a senator that we’re stuck with forever.”

9. “Most folks don’t set out to burn down their own houses when they go protestin’ and such. Maybe we need to look at who’s in charge of the burnin’ committee.”

8. “Kids these days have it tough. Their parents are tired of ’em and the schools don’t want ’em.”

7. “Used to be kids were afraid to crack a book. Now they’re worried they’ll crack a screen.”

6. “Other day I ate at a restaurant where the food was so bad, they won’t have any problem with that 25 percent rule.”

5. “I never met a man I didn’t like but I have known a few where 6 feet apart wasn’t enough.”

4. “Y’all got me afraid to clear my throat anymore. Mama couldn’t stand me bein’ underfoot for 10 days at a time.”

3. “I hear Mr. Trump and Senator Biden can’t agree on where and how to debate. I say we hook ’em both up to lie detectors and then let ’em go at it.”

2. “I just found out that a couple of my jokes aren’t allowed on Facebook. Don’t know if I’m sore or proud about that. I just smile and figure they don’t pay me for ’em anyways.”

1. “Surest way to get hurt is to tell your wife she looks prettier with her new mask.”


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