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Top 10 recent childcare mistakes I’ve made

Top 10 recent childcare mistakes I’ve made

By Torry Stiles

10. Not studying my Transformers and My Little Pony characters ahead of time … and Lord help me if I forget which robot goes with which Power Ranger.

9. “Trust but verify,” especially when it comes to homework assignments and the unexpected meowing coming from the room.

8. Not investing in a good pair of leg shackles and a leash before going to the fair.

7. Thinking that anything is out of the reach of a truly ambitious 4-year-old.

6.  Teaching them how to change the password on anything before they have the ability to remember a password.

5. Discussing how to call 911 without a thorough explanation of WHEN to call.

4. Failing to confirm that the child did, indeed, remember to put his shoes on before leaving the house.

3. “I’ll be back in an hour. I won’t need diapers.”

2. Trusting the answer, “Nothing,” to the question, “What are you doing?”

1. Gummy bears and Mountain Dew for breakfast.

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