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Top 10 reasons to avoid the fight at Waffle House

Top 10 reasons to avoid the fight at Waffle House

By Torry Stiles

10. You might want to visit Canada soon, and they won’t let you in if you got a felony.

9. I think that might be your REAL daddy working the grill tonight.

8. You don’t make a penny off of other people’s videos. Stick to doing your TikToks lip-synching those Bieber songs.

7.  These waitresses have bail bondsmen on speed dial.

6. You build up a lot of anger working the grill at the Waffle House, and sometimes you’re just waiting for some pencil neck to push the right button.

5.  You’ll have to ride the paddy wagon with the other guy. When the door closes, anything goes.

4.  The dishwasher ain’t afraid to go back.

3. These waitresses switch jobs all the time and one day you’ll walk into another restaurant, and she’ll be behind the counter working up some spit.

2. Yeah. Sure. You’ve watched plenty of those Jackie Chan movies. How tough can it be?

1.She may be only 5 feet tall and a grandmother of five, but that night manager can still beat you and your cousins into next week.

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