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Top 10 reasons Santa didn’t leave as much this year

By Torry Stiles

10. “Every week something is new on Pinterest and every week the big guy shuts down the production line to beat the trend.”

9. “The boys in the workshop went wassailing and now we’re three weeks behind on wooden ponies.”

8. “Canada still has the quarantine rules up and is keeping the borders closed. Takes weeks to get anything through.”

7. “Kept up production of the MAGA hats for too long and now we’re stuck with a few million.”

6. “Immigration came in and busted our shop for hiring illegals. Hey, they may be trolls but they’re good workers and they’ll do stuff the elves won’t.”

5. “Since the Epstein thing blew up Santa’s stayed out of sight.”

4. “If Daddy don’t get a PS5 then nobody gets a PS5.”

3. “Uber Eats are kinda scarce at the North Pole.”

2. “Couldn’t see a thing after they covered Rudolph’s nose with the mask.”

1.“Things were going great. Production was going great. Then, one elf starts coughing and they shut down the workshop.”



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