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Top 10 reasons it’s taking so long to widen Emerson Avenue

Top 10 reasons it’s taking so long to widen Emerson Avenue

By Torry Stiles

10. If they finish this project then the next thing you know folks will be expecting them to finish ALL of the projects.

9. They got a bet with the crew working on Arlington Avenue to see who can stretch this out the longest.

8. Saint Francis Hospital plays that, “Jesus Loves Me” music whenever a baby is born. The crew hears it, and they get a bit emotional.

7. The folks at Public Works mistakenly included bulldozer operators in their list of employees allowed to work from home.

6. Billy shut down the operation for two weeks because he found the cutest baby groundhog.

5. A bit of confusion when one group thought they were supposed to “whiten” the road and spent two months bleaching.

4.  They ran out of money and have been putting together a GoFundMe on Facebook. Next week they’re doing a car wash if it’s not too cold.

3. The road crews love having Brozinni’s, Sushi Club, Yummy Bowl, Spicy Doner, The Tailgate and Indy’s Burger Joint every day for lunch.

2. Confusion in the Marion County Public Works office because they keep thinking everything south of 465 is Greenwood.

1.Only one set of jumper cables.

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