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Top 10 random thoughts while playing a rousing game of bingo at Books & Brews

Top 10 random thoughts while playing a rousing game of bingo at Books & Brews

By Torry Stiles

(Dear readers: Be ready for a few shameless plugs in this one I didn’t receive a dime out of this, but I want to brag a bit about our Southside. And to my readers not in the neighborhood, bear with me, Tex.)

10. Beech Grove basketball awards fundraiser at O’Gara’s April 28. Raise some money for the team, buy some cold ones and maybe shake hands with the mayor smack dab in front of everyone.

9. Turn up your hearing aid, Clara. She said B-14, not G-40. This is the Cover All and I wanna get outta here before midnight!

8. Beech Grove High School has a branch of the Future Farmers of America. They’ll be selling plants out of the high school on April 30. All plants are legal to own and sell in Indiana unlike the stuff sold by the only Beech Grove farmers I know.

7. This week marks the ninth anniversary of the only time I missed a deadline for these columns. I was busy having a heart attack and emergency bypass surgery. I survived in case y’all were wondering.

6.  I ain’t winnin’ nothin’ tonight! Welcome to Loserville, population: me.

5.  Brozini’s is supposed to open May 2. Better hurry up; I’m over here hankerin’ for some New York style, and I know a good cardiologist or two.

4. A lot of my racecar friends are worried about the lack of tires due to the rubber shortage. Then again, a rubber shortage is why I have so many racecar friends.

3.  It’s spelled B I N G O. Luckily, I keep my little bottle of N I T R O in my pocket.

2. If she doesn’t call B-9 really soon I’m gonna put this card right in somebody’s bingo.

1.  Lotus Garden is open! Still a few bugs to work out in the new digs but I can’t wait to get me that pupu platter.

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