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By Torry Stiles

10. I don’t have to ask my mom for permission, but I know I better.”

9. “I don’t want your damn money but give it here.”

8. “I wasn’t playing on my phone. It was playing on its own and I was just helping.”

7. “I don’t want him to get hurt but I wouldn’t mind seeing him run over by a bus.”

6. “Hey! Your pig’s going after the dog again.”

5. “I don’t always drink like this. I usually only drink like this when I drink like this.”

4. “We’re going to get a car or we’re going to get a tattoo. I can’t do both.”

3. “I feel so smart when “Jeopardy!” Kids Week is on.”

2. “We either have a new duck with a limp or an old duck with a new limp. They all look alike.”

1.He was so proud. Thirty years old and he got braces on his teeth. Then his orthodontist got busted for selling pills and they reopened them.”


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