Top 10 new words we need No. 9

Top 10 new words we need No. 9

By Torry Stiles

10. Textimony -noun – When someone saved a screenshot of the text message you sent and uses it against you.

9.  Coughing break – noun – Time spent outside hacking up a lung because if there are more than three coughs in the office Sharon in HR hands you another COVID test.

8. Impraytiently – adverb – Describes the way one firmly clasps hands and bows heads waiting for the rest of the dinners to say their prayers so we can all eat.

7. Nacholance – Noun – The act of casually requesting another batch of chips and salsa at the Mexican restaurant even though you plan on skipping out with buying a meal.

6.  Incommutitado – noun – State of being unable to answer your cell phone because you’re driving.

5.  Christmas Karenning – verb – The act of pointing out the Christmas decorations on other people’s houses after Christmas has passed.

4.  Weedish – adjective – describing the smell of the mall parking lot or Fountain Square.

3. Elvisify – verb – The act of marketing long dead celebrities keeping cash flowing with Dale Earnhardt merchandise, Jimi Hendrix tapes and a flood of stuff from Tupac.

2. Nintentional foul – noun – The act of not accidentally unplugging the video game machine when you’re losing.

1. Bidump – proper noun – When we are discussing a problem from the last four years, but lost track of which president was to blame.

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