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Top 10 new words or phrases for 2024

Top 10 new words or phrases for 2024

By Torry Stiles    

10. Trump Slump – noun – The drop in news media rating when there are no Donald Trump stories to report.

9. Ditzy Cups – noun – The collection of personalized, humorous or otherwise decorated drinking vessels cluttering our desks and cabinets.

8. Anti-social media – noun – Spam Blockers and email filters designed to reduce unwanted traffic.

7. Delecting – verb – The act of running elections by deleting opponents from the ballot.

6. Over Blunder Betting – verb – The act of owning the referees and umpires while being heavily reliant on sports betting income.

5. Die Phone – noun – The electronic device that was so mesmerizing you didn’t notice that you were walking off the curb into traffic.

4. Diaper brash – adjective – Describing the person who checks the baby’s diaper without a replacement handy.

3. Gowannabe – noun – The falsely brave but untalented friend telling you to fight the guy at the bar.

2. Weedscape – noun – Area where the smell of marijuana is dominant.

1.  False Snooze – noun – A news or government report telling you to disregard other news or government reports as being unimportant.

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