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Top 10 new words and phrases to wrap up the pandemic

By Torry Stiles

(Well, folks, it looks like we have turned the corner on this pandemic. We’ve turned so many corners over the past year I think we are going in circles. Regardless, here are a few more additions to the English language.)

10. Vaxation (noun) – spending a few weeks in a different place where you qualify for the vaccine.

9. Coroning (verb) – comparing the onset of your symptoms with your co-workers to determine which one of you brought the ‘rona to your workplace.

8.  Chill-cheat (verb) – the practice of holding a damp, cold can of pop to your forehead to pass the temperature check at the door.

7.  Ghost prepper (noun) – one who periodically tests their taste buds with extra-hot food.

6. Amazombie (noun) – quarantined person who has maxed out the credit cards.

5. Marts & crafts (noun) – the practice of claiming to quarantine while leaving the house regularly to stock up on jigsaw puzzles, glue sticks and baking supplies.

4. Zoom & Gloom (noun) – the sense of dread towards another online meeting now that the novelty has worn off.

3. Netspert (noun) – one of those people on the internet who constantly claims to know all there is to know about anything.

2. Faucitious (adjective) – describes the person who starts the pandemic claiming masks are unnecessary and ends it by claiming you should wear two of them.

1.Mask Raid Party ( noun) – the act of helping yourself to extra masks when they provide courtesy ones at the door.

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