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Top 10 modern student excuses

Top 10 modern student excuses

By Torry Stiles

10. Tardy: “Mom didn’t pay for my phone, and ain’t nobody got watches anymore.”

9. Dress Code: “Ya can’t show your underwear so I ain’t wearin’ none.”

8.  Foul language: “Teach, you must not watch a lot of cable.”

7. Misbehaving on the bus: “I was afraid you were taking me back to Guatemala.”

6. Dress Code: “I’m a cat now. Cats don’t wear pants.”

5. Lunch money: “Y’all ain’t got Cash App?”

4. Tardy: “Priorities. New Disney show streaming.”

3. Parental Permission Slip: “Judge hasn’t ruled which one gets me this year.”

2. Homework: “The Roomba ate my homework.”

1.Tardy: “Bus driver just wasn’t feeling it today.”

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