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Top 10 list of thanks 2022

Top 10 list of thanks 2022

By Torry Stiles

10. The American Education System and whoever it was who invented the numbers one through 10.

9. My wife who doesn’t throw me out when she’s not No. 1 on my lists.

8. The businesses and people of the Southside who continue to open their hearts and wallets to help others.

7.  All of the folks who went to vote and, regardless of how they voted, failed to destroy democracy as we know it.

6. The inventor of the Nutty Buddy.

5. Men and women in all manner of uniforms who have dedicated themselves to keeping the rest of us free and safe.

4. Folks that let me pet their dogs and don’t act like I’m a creep for wanting to.

3. Long lines at the Starbucks as I drive by enjoying my 75-cent giant mug of coffee from home.

2. That they hardly ever require a self-addressed stamped envelope for anything these days.

1. Friends, family and all you folks who let me share these lists with the world.

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