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Top 10 facts about the first snow

Top 10 facts about the first snow

By Torry Stiles

10. At least one person in the office will have a wooly worm or persimmon seed observation.

9.  There’s a heated debate over when the plastic goes on the windows.

8. If you didn’t notice your arthritis before you will now and feel obligated to share that fact with everyone.

7.  Last chance for pumpkin spice!

6. The summer bod you meant to develop will have to wait another year.

5. After eight months at the back of the pantry the petrified container of hot chocolate mix makes its triumphant return.

4. Somebody in the family will have outgrown a coat which will necessitate an emergency shopping trip that will then lead to an hour-long tour of the Christmas decor aisles.

3.  Tow truck operators are just a tad more chipper these days.

2.  You finally dig that ice scraper out from between the seats.

1.Even though they’ve never read a copy some expert will announce that the Farmer’s Almanac says it will be a bad winter.

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