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Top 10 changes since the kids have left home

Top 10 changes since the kids have left home

By Torry Stiles

10. Ranch dressing consumption is down by 90%.

9. I don’t have to change the car radio station as often.

8. I have to phone someone to fix the TV instead of just yelling upstairs.

7. Countertops are a lot less sticky, and we have ample silverware in the drawer.

6. I have to beg the neighbor kids to come over and draw pictures on my sidewalk.

5. The dog is getting tired of my Dad jokes.

4. I have no idea about the names of the latest Power Rangers or Pokemon.

3. I haven’t heard the sound of someone rolling their eyes in months.

2. Childish threats of running away have been replaced by adult threats to come back.

1.Due to a large quantity of Axe shampoos and body wash products left behind I now own a small terrier who smells like an eighth-grader from 2007.

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