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Top 10 changes for Thanksgiving 2020

By Torry Stiles

10. Attendance limitation means you won’t have a kid’s table to complain about.

9. After dinner everyone will go downtown to see the lights and new spray-painted slogans.

8. Holiday travel will consist of going to your bedroom to get on your computer.

7. Forget hairstyles and recipes. The women will be comparing face masks and home manicure techniques.

6. Family members will be judging your life choices on Zoom instead of in person.

5. Grandma is cracking into the rum balls and spiked punch before the celery tray is laid out.

4. Limited capacity rules on the stores will require that Black Friday shoppers battle for a place in line. Steel chairs allowed.

3. You stand a good chance of getting some deviled eggs when it’s time for seconds …. provided you made deviled eggs, of course.

2. Far fewer slightly drunk uncles fighting to watch a football game.

1. When Santa appears in the Macy’s parade all seven folks in attendance will go crazy.

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