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Top 10 bad ideas for Mother’s Day

Top 10 bad ideas for Mother’s Day

By Torry Stiles

10. “To Mom, who’s always there, without fail.

Could you send me money to make bail?”

9. “I know you didn’t want a silly card or some flowers that’ll die so I got you a socket wrench set.”

8. “For Mother’s Day I had a special dinner planned but then I remembered you were on a diet, so I took my girlfriend and bought you some lottery tickets.”

7. “Roses are red and violets blue

You’re my momma this is true

But now that the DNA test is done

It doesn’t look like I’m Dad’s son.”

6. “We’re going out to eat like we used to. Dad’s paying and us kids are gonna fuss and whine and demand chicken nuggets.”

5.  “I got a tattoo that says, ‘MOM’ but I can’t show you out here in public.”

4.  “Look, Mommy! I made you this picture by gluing macaroni to a plate!”

“That’s sweet Jeffrey but you’re 37 and the manager at Wendy’s. I kinda expected a bit more.”

3. “Mom, you said you always wanted to go on a cruise to the Bahamas. Me, too.”

2. “I got you something online that I know you’ll love so you shouldn’t mind that I used your card.”

1.“Mama! You know how you always say you love seeing us all around the dinner table? We’ll be over at 5.”

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