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Top 10 answers to the question, ‘What happened?’

Top 10 answers to the question, ‘What happened?’

By Torry Stiles

10. “Never trust a quiet 4-year-old.”

9. “Next time don’t let the gas run for five minutes before hitting the grill’s ignition button.”

8. “It looked sturdier than it was.”

7. “Who knew the cops were watching? I sure didn’t but y’all guessed that already.”

6. “I Googled the wrong brake repair site.”

5. “Tupperware ain’t good for baking.”

4.  “I figured a dog that cute couldn’t be a biter.”

3. “I wanted the last pork chop and so did he. I grabbed it first, but he had his fork on its way before I got my hand back.”

2. “He said he was fine, and he used to ride skateboards back in high school.”

1.“Well, the kids were out practicing baseball and I look outside and they’re swinging shovels and I’m, like, ‘Where did you get shovels?’ and they’re, like, ‘We were digging holes,’ and I’m, like, ‘But why are you swinging shovels?’ and they’re, like, ‘We saw a bee.’ “

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