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Tie it and dye it in Avon

Tie it and dye it in Avon

Just hearing the words ‘tie-dye” can conjure up images of hippy festivals, psychedelic peace signs, and Grateful Dead tees. But the technicolor trend seems to have made a comeback in fashion and business (with a little less patchouli this time).

A group of youngsters gathers around the table to dye shirts. Photo by Rick Myers

It has not only been spotted on the runway but is also taking center stage at new shops like The Tie Dye Lab in Avon.

“I don’t think it ever really went away. There has always been tie-dye. We just make it more convenient,” said Co-Owner Bart Fisher.

At the “Lab” customers get to DIY their digs without taking home the mess. They pick their colors, choose their design and do the dyeing from start to finish. It’s a process that takes anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. The vibrant custom creations can be put on anything from bucket hats and baby onesies to oversized beach towels.


“To be able to see what they created before they leave is the best part of the Lab. The final phase. The joy that someone has made something like nothing else and that they will get to wear it possibly that day. It’s pretty cool,” said Fisher.

Fisher and his wife Terri, along with Barb and Jerry Kozlowski, decided to open the business after hearing about a similar shop in the Midwest several years ago. Both families, who live in Washington Township and have an entrepreneurial background, thought Avon was a great fit to set up shop. They opened up in June and so far the DIY aspect has been popular, catering to walk-ins, families, groups, and “par-ties.”

“We had my son’s birthday party at The Tie Dye Lab last night. This place is fun for all ages. The kids had a blast making their shirts, we even had seven adults make shirts. Fun Fun!” writes one Facebook poster.

“Everyone has been happy with their stuff and smiles are so addictive,” says Fisher.

Story by Lindsay Doty


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