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The beauty of Avon’s Ugly Crab Shack

The beauty of Avon’s Ugly Crab Shack

Fresh seafood has landed at the Ugly Crab Shack in Avon. Menu selections are flown in daily to ensure the best taste possible. Our business lunch was a first visit for us at the independently owned restaurant and not our last.

Our counter-placed order included several items for the group of four; starters of steamed Mini Rolls (6 pieces) and Crab Rangoon (8 pieces). Plus,  entree orders of shrimp and crab legs, a pound of each with corn on the cob and red potatoes boiled in a seasoned bag. We chose the combination of flavors with medium heat. As we waited for our order, we were served fresh hot croissants that melt in your mouth. The appetizers were house-made, full of fresh, not imitation, flavors. The boil bag of freshly steamed goodness with the medium heat was delicious and perfect with more than enough for our party of four. Heads up, bibs are required attire even for a business lunch full of conversation and laughs!

George Arvanitis, Plainfield

Where do you like to dine?


What do you like there?

“The Greek Lamb Chops, the Village Salad, the Greek Wine”

What do you like about this place?

“The relaxed atmosphere that Gus (the Owner) and his staff have created”


Legacy of Giving Mule
Featured cocktail for Hendricks Regional Health Annual Gala

• Tito’s
• Lime juice
• Ginger beer
• Lime garnish

Embassy Suites Plainfield
6089 Clarks Creek Road
Plainfield, IN

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