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The 89th Annual Marion County Fair returns June 21-30

The 89th Annual Marion County Fair returns June 21-30

By Kylie Money

The gates to the Marion County Fair swing open for its 89th annual fair with a full complement of fun and entertainment for all ages on the agenda.

This year’s headlining feature is Dino-ROAR, which will be doing performances all 10 days at the fair. This show features eight life-like animatronic dinosaurs for all the dinosaur lovers in Marion County. This show’s goal is to educate kids with dinosaur facts while being interactive and entertaining. Other special featured events this year are as follows:

  • First Bite Fishing Tank (June 21-30)
  • Baird Petting Zoo (June 21-30)
  • Elite K-9 Performances (June 22-23 & June 28-30)
  • Bear Hollow Chainsaw Carving Demos & Auction (June 21-23 & June 30)
  • Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides (June 21-22 & June 28)
  • Princesses and Superheroes (June 22 & June 29)

Each night of the derby for general admission is $5 with children 5 and under being free. For $10, audience members can get a pit pass/Power Wheels Driver pass. If you are interested in registering a car or driver, the cost is $35. There will also be motor cross & quad racing and Outlaw Karts to round out the Grandstands’ events this year.

Dino-ROAR is an attraction featuring eight life-like animatronic dinosaurs. (Submitted photos)

Park Stage continues to offer free entertainment throughout the entire fair.

Check out North American Midway Entertainment, the largest traveling outdoor amusement company: marioncountyfair.org/fair/midway. Visit MarionCountyFair.org for a complete schedule of events, including exact days and times. Meet you at the Marion County Fair!

This year’s special features:

More information on special features: marioncountyfair.org/fair/special-features.

  • Dino-Roar
    • The dinosaurs and their puppeteer handlers will roam the admin plaza area multiple times each day of the fair.
    • First Bite Fishing Tank Experience
      • This mobile fishing tank is stocked with fish that can be found in local streams, rivers & ponds! The primary goal of this exhibit is to teach the basics to those who know little or nothing about fishing.
  • Bear Hollow Chainsaw Carving
    • Professional chainsaw wood carving artist Jason Emmons will be back again representing the Bear Hollow Wood Carving Team! He’ll carve many wood pieces (large, medium & small) during his demonstration times. There will be an auction June 30.
  • Elite Performance K9s
    • Elite Performance K9’s is a family owned company from the Indy area. All of our dogs were rescued and are part of our family. A show full of high jumps, Frisbee and tricks with some very talents pups.
  • Baird Petting Zoo
    • The Baird Petting Zoo is a free attraction with optional costs for feed bags. The building is full of a wide variety of farm and exotic animals!
  • Happily Ever After Production
    • From the land of Happily Ever After Productions comes Princesses and Superheroes to the Marion County Fair! These famous faces will highlight the Kid’s Day performances on Park Stage for both Saturdays of the fair! June 22 will have the heroes Captain America and Spiderman, and the princesses, Rapunzel and Cinderella. June 23 will have the heroes Batman and Wonder Woman and the princesses, Belle and Jasmine.
  • Witness goats using turtles as perches and other funny animal attractions.

Park Stage Headliners:

More information about Park Stage Performers: marioncountyfair.org/fair/park-stage.

  • Bryan Thompson; jazz musician
    • June 21
  • Ziynne “Kid of Pop”; music entertainment
    • June 22
  • Silly Safari; exotic animal show
    • June 22 & 29
  • Gospel Music Fest; Grace Apostolic Church is the featured group of the music fest
    • June 23
  • Greg Rhodes; country singer
    • June 26
  • DJ Mama Mia Family Floor Show; DJ, dancing and karaoke
    • June 27
  • Knot Ike & Tina; cover band
    • June 29
  • Indianapolis Municipal Band; orchestral band
    • June 30

Grandstands Attractions:

More information on grandstand events: marioncountyfair.org/fair/grandstands.

Motocross racing is back.
  • TQ Midget Racing
    • June 22: Three-quarter midgets, or TQ Midgets, will compete at high speeds around the track!
  • Motocross & Quad Racing
    • June 24: See motocross bikes & quads fly through the air as they race around a custom-built track full of twists, turns and jumps!
  • Outlaw Karts
    • June 25: High-speed outlaw karts will compete on our 1/5 mile dirt oval!
  • Demolition Derby
    • June 28 & 29
    • More Cars – Many more cars competing!
    • Larger Arena – We’re increasing the size of the competition arena by 2.5x!
    • More Classes – Going from single class to the following classes of vehicles!
      • Power Wheels (Ages 4-8)
      • Minivans (Friday night only)
      • Full-size Gut-N-Go (Saturday night only)
      • Mini/Mid-Size Challenge
      • Full Size Stock
    • Longer Show – Expect 2 – 2 1/2 hours of hard-hitting action!
    • Faster Speeds – Better track conditions will increase speeds and hits!
    • Special Contests – Pretty car contest each night!
    • More Entertainment – All these improvements will make for a great show! This year the Midway will have a new ride called the Bullet Train.
    • New Ride at Midway: This year the Midway will have a new ride called the Bullet Train.

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