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Ten most common signs you’ve been visited by deceased loved ones

Ten most common signs you’ve been visited by deceased loved ones

By Rick Hinton

Do you feel you might have been visited by those who have passed on? Is it someone you’ve had a relationship with, such as friends, a parent, grandparents, siblings or children? Is it someone you loved? A Southside Times reader brought a YouTube video to my attention recently that would appear to put all the ducks in a row. The 10 most common signs from your deceased loved ones are:

Dream Visitations:

These are different from regular dreams. The deceased play a prominent role and have a significant presence, offering some form of comfort and advice; the most common way to be visited.

Sensing Their Presence:

It may not be a visual encounter, just an overwhelming feeling. You might notice a change in energy in the home or movement in the air. Possibly a presence in the bed next to you or the sensation of someone sitting by your side on the couch. This is a visitation. The deceased are of the same essence as when they lived bodily, only now without a physical body.

Feeling Their Touch:

Physical contact: taking your hand, a touch on the shoulder, a nudge, hug, a breeze or stroking your hair.

The Sense of Smell:

Is there a particular smell associated with those no longer with us? Could it be cigarette, pipe or cigar smoke? Is it perfume, cologne, flowers, or even the smell of cooking?

Hearing Their Voice:

It could be audibly, but most likely, internally. Is it only in dreams or the waking hours? Do others in the household hear them or do pets react? Last goodbyes? You might be hundreds of miles away when they pass, but sometimes they make the journey to say goodbye. (I always expected to hear my mom’s voice; however, I was with her when she died.)

Is it a last goodbye from a loved one? (Photo courtesy of Paramount Studios)

Unexplained Electrical Activity:

It is theorized that those on the other side use energy to connect with those of us still alive. By manipulating the energy in electrical devices (TV, lamps, toys, radio, etc.) they get our attention.

A Phone Call:

Another pseudo electrical manipulation, only using a phone. Following the passing of a loved one you might receive phone calls with nothing but static on the other end. Or … a confused voice that sounds very much like a deceased loved one. Sound like The Twilight Zone? It has happened.

Receiving a Symbolic Message or Sign:

This can come in a variety of ways, but will have significance only to you. It might be the sudden appearance of small objects – feathers, coins or stones – that for no reason end up in your path. Or animals doing strange things with no reasonable explanation. My aunt June in Kentucky recently found a red cardinal visiting her for a few days, sitting outside her window and staring into the house. This was years after my grandmother, my mom and uncle had passed away, yet there it was. Reader Sharon Kinder found piles of bird seed and cat food after her husband’s death; he was quite the prankster in life. Sometimes, living people are used to delivered messages from those departed. They may become a part of your life or move on.

Movement in the Home:

Sometimes objects (keys, counter displays, clothing, furniture) will disappear to get your attention. You find them later.


Full bodied apparitions are rare, but they do happen. Just because you don’t physically see them, however, doesn’t mean they haven’t returned for a visit; most often, a last visit.

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