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Table by Market District


Visit the Table by Market District, and you can shop for groceries and enjoy fine dining. 

Choose the create your own plate option to enjoy two or three items during lunch. My go-to is the 2-inch thick slice of quiche and brussel sprouts with whipped burrata and pomegranate sauce. My third choice at a recent visit included the loaded cauliflower salad. This keto-friendly recipe tastes just like potato salad. I’m never disappointed with the food or service. 

I found out the hard way you can’t keep a grocery cart by your table, so eat before you shop. 

Table by Market District 

11505 N. Illinois St.



David Cripe, Danville

Where do you like to dine?

Opa! in Avon. 

What do you like there?

The entire menu is good, but if I was forced to choose, you can’t go wrong with the gyro. I took my wife for our anniversary, and we had a great time.

What do you like about this place?

The atmosphere: If you allow it, you can imagine yourself on the Mediterranean coast.


Mocha frappe

Barista: Sheri Kesler, Brownsburg

12 oz. Ice

1 shot coffee

2 scoops Ghirardelli mocha frappe mix

Blend ingredients. 

The Grind at Brownsburg High School 

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