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Spirits vs. Spirits: one connects with your mission, the other destroys it

By Wendell Fowler

In 2016, I was the inaugural speaker for the” Walk the Talk” speaker series at The Vogue in Broad Ripple. As I pondered the topic of my talk, a knowing washed over me: my temple is a receiver to divinity, and, when neglected, can become diminished or even fail to connect with the great spirit.

There’s nothing wrong with an occasional drink. However, every soul was gifted a life’s mission to complete, and alcohol cannot be part of the plan. It will derail and slow your momentum. It’s no coincidence that another term for alcohol is said to come from the Arabic term “Al-khul” which means “body eating spirit”.

Whether you become silly, angry or emotional – you’re truly not yourself. You just think you are. When numbing booze flows in your system, it disconnects you from hearing the spirit of the one divine intelligence of all that is, and changes our values. I don’t care about my new, barf, $300 shoes!

After my traumatic, near-death experience and ensuing miracle, my myopic social programming broadened. Before my awakening, I abused alcohol; nearly destroyed myself and others. When wasted, I couldn’t, or lost desire to align with the voice of God. Drinking to fill the empty hole in my heart, I invited in the darkness and blocked “the light”. When I met my wife-to-be, Sandi, she spackled that hole. I’d enjoy an occasional glass of red wine, but how I felt the day after really sucked. Besides feeling dreadful, I couldn’t think clearly or problem solve and waste a day of productivity, let alone shine my light onto others, feel holy or represent the divine.

Every beautiful soul is on a path, ergo we must be present to receive subtle direction from the divine. Alcohol blurs vision, fogs the mind and fatigues the temple. You can’t hear the source knocking at your door when the spirits of alcohol block the doorway.

When I learned booze prevented me from hearing the urgings of God and kills brain cells, well, that did it for me!

I’m so grateful to have awakened from sleepwalking to repair my temple’s antenna. Gradually, new opportunities and skills were manifested, my intuition got stronger and I trusted myself more. Today, I’m more grounded, peaceful, centered and comfortable in with my own power and lost all desire to imbibe. It’s not worth losing my incredible connectivity and loving relationship with God and my angels. You can rebuild your antenna too!

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