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Should you ghost hunt your own home?

Should you ghost hunt your own home?

By Rick Hinton

Paranormal investigators are a hearty and persistent lot, giving up their weekends to explore a world of shadows and mysteries at the drop of a dime. However, when it becomes a matter of strange shenanigans in their own private residence, should they? Most would say – no!

Our homes become sanctuaries where we refuel and regroup from the often-hectic routines of daily living. And for paranormal investigators who are out and about at other people’s homes, it gives them some semblance of a normal life during their off time. Paranormal investigations require this “off” time. Investigating takes not only a physical toll, but a mental one as well over time. You need this time off! Yet, the balance between normalcy and dark secrets is altered when paranormal activity hits the home front. After all, do you really want to be on call 24/7?

There is no better justification for paranormal investigations than helping someone in need. Yet …who’s going to help you when your fortress of solitude, your sanctuary of peace, is invaded? You begin to look for reasons:

  • Maybe it’s something you brought home from an investigation?
  • Something that’s been there all along and as curious about you as you them?
  • Maybe it’s you that is haunted rather than the location?
Laura’s former haunted inner-city home. (Photos by Rick Hinton)

You have the reaction:

  • You’ve got to be kidding me!
  • Look the other way, dismiss, deny and look for rational explanations (as you often advise your clients). If you don’t recognize it as such, maybe it will go away; out of sight, out of mind.

Some paranormal investigators may embrace their own house being haunted. It just comes with the territory. It becomes a novelty at first but won’t last long. And any sort of rest and relaxation will be fleeting at best. Then begins the rationale – it’s a former owner, dear Aunt Clara, Uncle Jim, mom or dad (or something imitating them). A kinship with the spirit develops; voluntarily or the complete opposite.

Results become a different ballgame when investigating someone else’s house. At someone else’s house, you leave at the end of the investigation. Ramifications might include:

  • Investigating your own residence could take it from a dormant, watchful state to a ramped-up fiesta (they know you are aware of them, so let the fun and games begin!).
  • You are in a constant state of pins and needles when you should be recharging the batteries. A nighttime prowl through your darkened house investigating a “sound” has you on edge (a burglar or a ghost?). And you have to go to work the next day!
  • It’s not a win-win when the paranormal consumes every aspect – and hours – of   your life!
Laura Hinton is on the prowl during an investigation.

What are the options? Co-exist, get rid of them or walk away.

My wife, Laura lived in a “haunted” house in the inner-city of Indianapolis for a year. The house still stands. It was a matter of necessity rather than choice. “Who would choose that?” she asks bluntly. It was a long year with little rest and relaxation. A home does not always feel like a home. They should!


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