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Roncalli captures third consecutive annual win as state spell bowl champion

Roncalli captures third consecutive annual win as state spell bowl champion

On Saturday, Nov. 12, the Roncalli Spell Bowl Team, under the direction of Roncalli teacher and coach Jennifer Schonfeld, captured the Indiana State Class Two Championship title for the third year in a row. The team also placed second overall in the state against all classes (29 teams total) at Purdue University. The Royal Spellers finished with a final score of 85/90 correct words.

Eight Royal Spellers had perfect rounds of spelling: seniors Bryce Lowery, Evan Meer and Nina Saran; juniors, Lachlan Borders, Caitlynn Penollar and Emily Sering; sophomore, Iang Ku and freshman, Marygrace Rykowski.

Roncalli Spell Bowl Team – (left to right): Sarah Jordan, Nicole Hunt, Bryce Lowery, Emily Sering, Nina Saran, Anna Povinelli, Lachlan Borders, Ezra Littell, Evan Meer, Coach Jennifer Schonfeld, Iang Ku, Caitlynn Penollar, Marygrace Rykauski, Lily Babb (not pictured: Mary Motyka and Lily Teipen). (Photo courtesy of Roncalli High School)

Coach Schonfeld remarked, “It has been so much fun and so rewarding to coach the Spell Bowl team for the past few years. The team works so hard and puts in their all, and it continues to pay off for us year after year. In fact, this year is the best we have ever scored as a team, with 85/90 correct words and eight perfect spellers. It’s so much fun to ‘nerd-out’ with them over the more unorthodox words on our list and just have fun with it. Every member of the team truly tries their best and supports one another, and it is their determination and teamwork that allows us to keep bringing home the championship. Here’s hoping for year four!”

Congratulations to the Roncalli Spell Bowl Team: Lily Babb, Lachlan Borders, Nicole Hunt, Sarah Jordan, Iang Ku, Ezra Littell, Bryce Lowery, Caitlynn Penollar, Nina Saran, Emily Sering, Evan Meer, Mary Motyka, Anna Povinelli, Marygrace Rykauski and Lily Teipen! “We are in the midst of an unprecedented run by our Spell Bowl Team. Congratulations to Coach Schonfeld and our spellers on another outstanding year and state championship! We are extremely proud of their commitment to excellence,” stated Kevin Banich, principal of Roncalli High School.

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