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Road improvements in Danville begin

Compiled by Peg McRoy

The Danville Town Council met Oct. 4. These meetings can be viewed on the town’s YouTube channel. The council meets at 7 p.m. the first and third Wednesdays of each month at Danville Town Hall, 49 N. Wayne St. The next scheduled meeting is Oct. 18.

What happened:  The public works department was given the go-ahead to spend $488,235 on the resurfacing of streets throughout the town.

What this means: This resurfacing project falls under the community crossing matching grant (CCMG) for 2023. The CCMG is, as its name implies, a 50/50 grant program meaning that the town is responsible for half of the expense. This program was initiated by the State of Indiana in 2016 and provides funds to Indiana cities, towns, and counties to make improvements to local roads and bridges. The CCMG is a partnership with INDOT and municipalities to improve local transportation infrastructure.

What happened: The public works department was also given the okay to resurface all of Northview Drive at a cost of $100,095. The department was also given approval to complete the road work on Sherwood Drive and Old Farm Road.

What this means: It was originally proposed that only the northern half of Northview Drive be resurfaced. The resurfacing of both sides of the road ensures that the road remains on a single maintenance schedule. The resurfacing will also improve drainage. Due to a clerical error with INDOT, the area of Sherwood Drive and Old Farm Road was not able to be completed as scheduled. The approval by the council for the department to finish that work also keeps that area of road on the same maintenance schedule.

What happened:  The council chose Bondry Consulting as the financial advisor for the town’s general obligation bonds.  Also named in the town’s bonding process is Robert. W. Baird & Co. as underwriters and Bose McKinney & Evans as legal counsel.

What this means: This item was presented to the council and tabled at its previous meeting on Sept. 20. The council held a special work session on Sept. 25 to hear presentations from Baker-Tilly Municipal Advisors LLC, Bondry Consulting, and O.W. Krohn and Associates. The naming of Bondry as financial advisor completes the town’s team for the bonding process.

What happened: The 2024 Marion Township fire contract was approved. This contract is for the town to provide fire service to that area. This is an annual contract.

What this means: This contract was taken into consideration by the council during a prior work study. Based on the findings of that work study, Marion Township agreed to add $8,834 to the contract.  That payment will be added to the township’s first installment to the town in 2024.

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