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Brownsburg Town Council approves final reading of 2024 budget

By Melissa Gibson

The Brownsburg Town Council met Oct.12 for a regular meeting at the Brownsburg Town Hall. The next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Oct. 26 at 61 N. Green St., Brownsburg.

What happened: Development Services Director Jodi Dickey was not present at the meeting, but Town Manager Deb Cook shared a information regarding recent Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Committee activities.

What this Means:  Cook said the UDO information is live on the Town of Brownsburg’s website with the ability for the public to respond and provide feedback. Maps are available online and a public input session is scheduled for 6 p.m. Nov. 6 at the Brownsburg Town Hall, 61 N. Green St., Brownsburg.

Councilman Ben Lacey said he did not believe the document was ready for implementation but would value the public input. “No need to rush to through something if it’s not correct,” Lacey said. He requested the public input session be livestreamed and recorded for future reference.

What happened: The proposed third reading and final adoption of the 2024 Budget was presented.

What this Means: No changes were made from the previous meeting and the $78,697,067 budget still included an eight percent increase for town employee salaries and a five percent tax rate increase.

Several members of the public spoke against the proposal, asking the council to find other ways to cut, rather than increasing the tax rate for residents of Brownsburg.

Councilman Mark Tieken also voiced concerns. “I do not approve of the tax increase at all. I’m asking my colleagues to reconsider their previous votes and ask the administration to sharpen their pencils.”

Despite concerns, Councilman Lacey said the five percent tax increase was an estimate and simply taking five percent off of the top of the current budget wasn’t possible. All members of the council agreed with the increase to town employees salaries, calling it a “correction” or one-time increase to make up for previous years. The budget was passed 4-1 with Tieken opposed.

A detailed account of the proposed 2024 budget can be located on the Town of Brownsburg’s website.

What happened: The Council recognized members of the Leadership Academy of Brownsburg, thanking participants for their commitment to the town.

What this Means: Graduates of the 2023 Leadership Academy of Brownsburg were presented with a certificate and took photos with town administration in recognition of their completion of the program.

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