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Renowned social media expert offers class to local students

Renowned social media expert offers class to local students

Avon resident and social media expert, Nick Jaworski, has partnered with Ivy Tech Avon Campus to offer local students a course in digital marketing July 10-14. The class is open to all high school and college-age students.

Jaworski owns Circle Social Inc., a digital marketing agency located outside of Plainfield, and is one of the top 250 social media marketers in the U.S. according to Agilience.

One of the biggest issues for his agency is finding talent. Jaworski says that digital marketing is very new and most people and businesses lack a good understanding of it.

“They think it’s like traditional marketing, only online,” he said. “It’s not. It’s a radical shift in how marketing operates through high-level targeting, rapid iteration and real-time engagement.”

To find talent possessing these unique skills, Jaworski has decided to build his own pipeline in Hendricks County.

He said Ivy Tech Avon Campus was an obvious choice when looking for a partnership.

Campus President Greg Cook, said, “workforce alignment is a priority for us and so we are always looking to partner with local businesses to help them meet their talent pipeline needs.”

Cook also said he has a personal interest in bringing jobs outside the traditional logistics, manufacturing and agriculture already common to Hendricks County.

The class will cover: how to use social media to drive business results, understanding Facebook and Google algorithms, building personal and employer brands, what an online lead and sales funnel is and how to create one, and introductions to SEO, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

The course fee is $100. Students or parents can register here. There is no registration deadline but space is limited to 30 students. For more information, contact Circle Social through email engage@circlesocialinc.com, or by calling (800) 396-9927.

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