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By Kate Anderson

Talk about a balancing act.  It seems to me that there must be more hours in the day for Hannah Sutton than for most people.  Upon asking Sutton, a senior at Avon High School, she said that her schedule was busy, intense and never a dull moment.  She is NON-STOP softball.  During the summers she has played for the The Indiana Bombers, an elite travel softball team, which takes her all across the country for tournaments and showcases.  On top of that, practices several days a week were a mere three-hour drive to Chicago and back.  During the school year, she plays for Avon High School Orioles Softball and interns at Hendricks Regional Health.  You know what?  She loves every minute of it.

Sutton’s career in softball started at the young age of 5 when her parents enrolled her in T-Ball.  She quickly developed a love for the sport and her teammates throughout the years.  Her biggest influence is her older brother Parker, who played ball as well.  “He helps me a lot and I really look up to him”, said Hannah.

During her time at Avon High School, she broke the school record for most home runs in a season (15). Her batting average is .404 & she has 47 RBI’s.  Her talent, hard work and determination led her to be actively recruited as a sophomore.  As a result, in 2024 she will play softball for D1 school Murray State in Kentucky.  What else can be said, the girl is IN IT TO WIN IT.

Sutton did a Q & A with the ICON: 

Q: What are the values that you find most important to take with you onto the field each game?

A:  Competitiveness, Patience, and Clear Communication

Q:  You don’t have much time to yourself.  What do you do to unwind and have fun?

A:  I like to watch my favorite TV Shows.  I also like to spend time with my friends when I don’t have softball on the weekends.

Q:  When you graduate, what will you miss the most? 

A:  I am really going to miss my fellow teammates and everyone who helped make the sport so amazing and memorable for us.

Q:  What do you plan to major in at Murray State?

A:  Nursing with a focus on Pediatrics.  I love little kids.

Q:  What advice would you give to your younger self?

A:  Don’t worry so much about the little things.  They can really tear you down.

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