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Brownsburg senior leading by example, one play at a time

By Kate Anderson

Dylan Earl, 18, a senior at Brownsburg High School is kind of a big deal.  Amid a cast of vintage Disney characters like Cinderella and Snow White, he will play the lead role as The Baker in Brownsburg High School Theatre’s production of “Into the Woods” on Nov. 9-11.  Dylan has played the lead or in a leading role in every BHS production since he was a freshman.

When asked how it felt to have such a responsibility, he said “It’s both thrilling and nerve-wracking.  There is pressure to perform well because younger students are looking to me and will follow my example”.  He takes this position very seriously and with honor.  He wants to lead by example.  His passion for his craft is boundless and he loves to inspire creativity in others, with his peers and especially the younger generation.  Dylan volunteers as the teacher’s assistant for the Theatre Director at Brownsburg Middle School and really enjoys coaching and encouraging the students.  He looks at it as “paying it forward.”

Dylan’s own passion for theatre began when he was in 5th grade.  His Grandma took him to see the Off-Broadway production of “Newsies” and he says he didn’t know why, but it really struck a chord with him.  While in 8th grade at Brownsburg Middle School, he auditioned for Aladdin Jr. and got cast as Aladdin.  He was nervous, but quickly realized that these were “his people”.  He had found his home.

In high school, he really got the chance to spread his wings.  Through the theatre program, he met fellow student, Jeremy Blessing.  He looked to Blessing as a role model and inspiration, as well as a friend.  He really worked on his craft and methods.  He says that when he is assigned a new role, he spends a lot of time developing that character.  Dylan states that, “you need to figure out how they walk, talk and even gesture.  If you can truly figure this out, your character will start to develop in your head”.  Like many actors he has special rituals to prepare for taking the stage during a performance.  From special mental and facial exercises, Dylan says that the most important thing is to “leave it all on the stage”.

Now that his senior year is flying by, he says that above all he will miss all the people he came to know so well.  They are his family, they are “his people”.  Dylan says that he plans on majoring in acting while at college and his dream is to perform on Broadway at some point in his career.  This sky is the limit and wherever his plans take him, it’s likely that he will give back to those around him and always lead by example.

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