Perry Township student receives Brilliant Firefly Award

Perry Township student receives Brilliant Firefly Award

State Sen. Jack E. Sandlin (R-Indianapolis), along with Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, presented Kevin Waggoner Jr. with a Brilliant Firefly Award for his work in creating a sensory room at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Perry Township.

This award, named after Indiana’s state insect, the Say’s Firefly, recognizes young Hoosiers who have demonstrated outstanding community service, exemplary academic achievement or exceptional leadership in their communities. Nominations are limited to people 18 and under, and they must be nominated by a member of the Indiana General Assembly.

Waggoner, a senior at Perry Meridian High School, was nominated by Sen. Sandlin for creating the sensory room to give back to the community, especially to children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Sensory rooms are designed to help students calm down and regulate their response to stimuli during moments of high stress.

By completing this project, he also achieved the status of Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America. The sensory room provides students with a place to take a break and decompress during the school day.

Kevin Waggoner Jr. received an award from the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. Pictured are: Superintendent Pat Mapes, Assistant Superintendent Vickie Carpenter, Sen. Jack Sandlin, Kevin Waggoner, Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, Principal Kert Boedicker, Jill Waggoner, Kevin Waggoner and Principal John Sponsel. (Submitted photo)

“The work Kevin has put in over the past year to complete this sensory room – from designing the room to fundraising for the materials – is truly remarkable,” Sen. Sandlin said. “It’s so nice to see young people giving back to the community, and I was honored to nominate him for this award. Congratulations, and thank you, Kevin, for your generosity and service.”

“There are so many extraordinary kids throughout Indiana, and that is precisely why I created the Brilliant Firefly award,” said Lt. Governor Crouch. “It was such a pleasure to honor Kevin’s achievements today.”

The Office of the Lieutenant Governor looks forward to recognizing young Hoosiers who are lighting Indiana’s future with the Brilliant Firefly award.

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