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Perry Township Schools receive drug-prevention grant

Perry Township Schools receive drug-prevention grant

Perry Township Schools is honored to be a recipient of grant funding from the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation to help prevent students’ substance use and improve their social and emotional well-being.

Of the Foundation’s 24 grants totaling more than $10.2 million, Perry Township Schools was awarded $517,265. The grant is part of Prevention Matters – a three-year initiative to help schools identify, implement and sustain proven substance use prevention programs. Prevention Matters will arm our teachers and staff with the resources they need to help prevent students’ substance use and put them on a path for success in school and beyond.

“The health and safety of our students are a priority,” said Superintendent Pat Mapes. “We believe education about prescription drug abuse can make a significant impact on helping our students make responsible choices. We also want to help them understand that prescription drugs, when misused, come with many of the same risks as illegal street drugs.”

Attorney General Curtis Hill provided prescription drug education to Perry Meridian High School students in May. (Submitted photo)

Prevention Matters funding will help our schools deliver evidence-based prevention initiatives starting this school year. The programs we will implement are designed to help students avoid drugs and alcohol, as well as help improve academic achievement, attendance, and classroom behavior. They can also help reduce bullying and violence.

The grant funding will be used to support teacher and staff training and purchase curriculum materials, and our schools will be supported by third-party prevention experts paid for by the Fairbanks Foundation to ensure effective delivery of our selected programs.

According to the Foundation’s September 2017 survey of Marion County schools, only 11 percent of educators reported using a proven drug prevention curriculum due to a lack of resources. Prevention Matters seeks to fill that gap in substance use prevention programming.

For more information about the Prevention Matters initiative, click here.

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