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Paranormal activity – has it stopped for good or just taking a break?

Paranormal activity – has it stopped for good or just taking a break?

By Rick Hinton

Is there paranormal activity in your home or place of business? Is it consistent, and seemingly on some sort of regular schedule? Does the activity keep you on edge, never knowing if and when it will happen next? And then it suddenly stops! You breathe a sigh of relief from the abnormality you have been co-existing with. “It’s finally gone!” you claim. However … has it stopped for good or just taking a break?

Folks living within a haunted situation get used to cycles – sometimes constant and at other times infrequent – but cycles all the same. When the cycle stops completely, the routine broken, it is disconcerting. You can’t help but wonder if they have really moved on for good or just taking a break in the shadows. In the spiritual realm the passage of time is of little consequence: it may be months, years, or centuries that spirits may play. Our mortal existence moves at a more predictable rate; we don’t play as long.

I’ve previously written about our house in Kentucky. The house, nestled on a remote hill above a cove on Lake Cumberland, was my mother’s house. It is now mine. During my mother’s illness and subsequent death, all kinds of craziness happened there. While alive, her full-time caretaker – my sister-in-law – reported about it on a regular basis: object movement, sounds, cold spots, footsteps outside the closed master bedroom door, doors opening and closing, doorknobs jiggling, being touched, shadow movement and voices. And it didn’t quite stop after she died; it only retreated.

Are we just taking a break in this house? (Photo by Rick Hinton)

Currently we have a friend watching over the house. It’s a sweet deal if one wants to live in a haunted one. There was an initial breaking in period when things did get a little wacky, however it has now subsided to a more acceptable level. Our house watcher can live with the quirks, and it would appear the spirits have gotten to know and accept her as well.

Recently we had the whole week to ourselves in the house. We had exterior work to do and some interior projects. I was apprehensive. It had been awhile since we were down. Would we experience what we had in the past? Did the house still remember us? Would we be attacked by the spirits? No … we didn’t. Nothing! No dark intuition, no bad vibes, no paranormal experiences whatsoever. The house had a good feel, with no former thick curtain of spookiness. One of my tests in this house is if I can sleep at night with my feet uncovered. For this week I did!

Is the spirit of my mother in the house? It was her pride and joy; however, I think not. Is there something else that only retreated while we were there for our visit, only to reemerge later after we have gone? I think so!

Our house here in Indy on Southport Road has also been quiet as of late. The cycle has slowed to a crawl, yet we still get the occasional reminder we are not alone in the house. Presently, it’s a small, wispy black shadow that the cats are chasing from room to room, from level to level. It’s roughly their size and their eyes grow as large as silver dollars as they barrel after it. They return to Laura and I looking dazed and confused. They also look very pissed!

Perhaps a new cycle has been born?

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