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Orange fireballs, red glows and pulsating lights: UFOS haunt Indiana

Orange fireballs, red glows and pulsating lights: UFOS haunt Indiana

By Rick Hinton

A replay of a Southside Times article from 2015

There are strange things going on in the skies over Indiana; quite peculiar in fact. On a weekly basis, reports defy logical explanation: unusual shapes, lights and erratic flight patterns draw attention. Some report these, others do not. No one wants to be tagged as crazy!

There are abnormalities in the sky that can appear at a moment’s notice and then just as quickly be gone. In the hazy realm of the paranormal it’s another check on the list of the unknown.

Some examples of Indiana sightings in the past:

Wanamaker: On a summer night a couple sitting in their pool in the backyard of a subdivision home watched an orange fireball moving steadily east and then joined by another that made its way north. Another appeared and also moved to the east. All appeared to originate in the northwest sky. There was no engine noise.

Martinsville: A family on their way home to Martinsville on State Road 37 witnessed nine to 10 lights emitting from the west side of the highway. The lights initially appeared to be in a formed shape, yet as their vehicle drew closer the lights broke out of formation, hovering and moving in erratic directions. During this the family’s cell phone ceased working.

Something in the clouds. (Submitted photo)

Evansville: A mother and daughter on a walk saw three bright non-flashing lights appearing in the shape of a triangle moving northwest across the sky. The lights were white and red. The husband also observed the phenomena. The lights were too slow for a plane, yet too fast for a blimp. They were low and turned on a dime, eventually maneuvering into a figure eight. The family reported multiple planes suddenly patrolling the area shortly thereafter.

Fishers: While letting the dogs out at 11:30 p.m. a family witnessed a light display in the east sky – large bright moving objects that pulsated. The wife filmed the instance. They admitted they had seen these lights prior to this occurrence.

Danville: A string of seven lights, seemingly connected and equally spread apart, were witnessed by a mother and teenage daughter as they were making their way along the winding Cartersburg Road from Danville to Plainfield. The daughter soon lost interest but the mother continued to observe the lights for a period of at least 30 seconds until they dissipated sequentially and vanished.

Crandall: In southern Harrison County a man driving home from work saw what he thought to be a flare ahead of him – about 100 feet off the ground and perfectly round. A red glow surrounded it with a white center. As he watched, the red glow peeled away, starting at the bottom of the object and revolving around the white center, until it reached the top, evolving into a candle shape. The object then headed towards the town of Crandall.

Many sightings are a result of mistaken identity; living close to an airport will do that to you. Some are valid and unexplainable. One question arises (or should). If we are being visited by highly technological beings from another galaxy, and with their skills – do they really need lights?

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