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Mike’s Midway Market

Mike’s Midway Market

By Amy Moshier

Mike’s Midway Market, established in 1967, is a place people can go for high-quality meats and other grocer items, such as a large selection of cheeses, a fair amount of veggies and Amish eggs as low as $1.29 per dozen.

The store is family owned, a fact not lost on customer Michelle Edmonds of Franklin Township. “Good meats there, and they are great about suggesting certain cuts,” she said. “They are also very hospitable, and I love to support local businesses. They have the best chicken salad and potato salad, too.”

Many Yelp reviews support Edmonds’ opinions. “It’s family owned, which is awesome,” according to a reviewer. “A fair selection of veggies. I’m new to the area, so it’s nice to find a grocer that doesn’t have a stock market listing.

Mike’s Midway Market is in Franklin
Township. (Submitted photos)

Other customers said they appreciate the old-time small-market feel of a store that specializes in fresh cut meat products. “Yes! This is the real deal meat market,” stated a reviewer.

Customers can find top grade ground chuck for as low as $5.49 a pound, top sirloin for $7.49 per pound and a round steak for $4.49 per pound, in addition to sausage, bacon and poultry. Deli sandwiches are a-plenty as well.

Mike Vinci, owner of Mike’s Midway Market said the market doesn’t really do anything special to create a certain feeling, but the staff tries their best to be very helpful, and the customers appreciate that. “The staff strives for great service through busy times,” he said. “We try to be friendly and helpful.”

Mike Vinci is the owner of Mike’s Midway Market.

“Best kept secret on the Southside,” according to an enthusiastic reviewer.

Mike’s Midway Market is at 7737 Shelbyville Road.

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