Ken and Marylynne Winslow selected as grand marshals for Independence Day celebration

Ken and Marylynne Winslow selected as grand marshals for Independence Day celebration

By Todd Travis

Ken and Marylynne Winslow have lived in Southport for 48 years. It seems appropriate that after all their involvement in the community, they have been chosen as grand marshals for the upcoming Independence Day parade on July 2. Marylynne was the president of the park board for four years beginning in 2012. She worked at the University of Indianapolis for 25 years in the office of undergraduate admissions. As of two years ago, she joined the redevelopment commission under Mayor Jim Cooney.

“We were both pleased and honored when we found out we were selected for this honor,” Marylynne mentioned. “And we were surprised!”

Kenny and Marylynne. (Photo submitted by Marylynne Winslow)

The Winslows attended Southport United Methodist Church as their two daughters, Kimberly and Tiffany, grew up. Over the last 15 years, Ken and Marylynne have become actively involved at University Heights United Methodist Church, Marylynne’s home church as a child. They have also volunteered as drivers for Perry Senior Citizen Services. Marylynne is part of Delta Theta Tau, a philanthropic sorority that runs craft fairs to raise money for various causes.

Ken signed up with an army reserve unit in 1970 and completed his basic training at Fort Leonard Wood and his AIT (advanced individual training) at Ft. Benjamin Harrison. “As a lark, I decided to take the civil service exam. When Indianapolis called, they had a position open at Southport as a letter carrier and I decided to accept that. That started my career of 32 1/2 years at the postal service.” Ken recalled.

Left to Right: Standing- Chris DePaola (son-in-law), Ava DePaola (granddaughter), Kenny, Adam Spronk (grandson) and Steve Spronk (son-in-law). Sitting in chairs: Kimberly DePaola (daughter), Marylynne and Tiffany Spronk (daughter). On the ground: Brandon Spronk, Dylan Spronk and Corey Spronk (grandchildren).

When Ken discovered he and Marylynne were selected to be the grand marshals for the parade he first asked, “How did we get selected? I thought that was for old people!” to which Marylynne responded, “look in the mirror!” He then wanted to know the criteria for being selected. His resumé speaks for itself: founding member of the flag committee, 17 ½- year volunteer driver for Perry Seniors, and elected councilor from 2015-2019. Ken took on a big challenge for the flag committee with fundraising. When he was asked to raise over $10,000 for the project, his projected time frame was about four years. “My brazen comment in response to that was ‘prepare for May of 2003 (about a year later), we’ll have the money by then,’ and that was achieved,” Ken said.

The Independence Day parade will begin at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 2. It will be followed by complimentary hot dogs, chips and water, as well as games for kids of all ages and live music performed by Gene Deer. It will take place at Southport City Park, 6901 Derbyshire Road in Southport.

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