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ICON of the Month: Becky Davis

ICON of the Month: Becky Davis

Former music educator donates her time to Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra South Group, Greenwood Women’s Club

Since Becky Davis retired from Greenwood Community Schools seven years ago, she’s used that time to enjoy herself, but also to give back to her Center Grove community.

Becky and her husband of 47 years, Larry Gene Davis, are both from Washington, Ind., and moved to Greenwood in 1970. Becky was the choral music director at Greenwood Community High School for 30 years, where she also taught music history, literature, theory and piano.

In the last four or five years, Becky said she has sought to become more active with philanthropic work. She is involved with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra where she will chair the South Group next year. Along with that, she will chair its Side-by-Side concert. This concert allows high school students from around the state to audition for the chance to sit side-by-side a symphony member and perform. Auditions are this fall, with the concert in March. The South Group is also actively involved in music education in the community.

“It’s  important that children be exposed to good music, literature,” she said. “I think people innately love it. You can see that, without any question. It’s part of our soul.”

Becky is a member of the Greenwood Women’s Club which supports The Tear Fund, the St. Thomas Clinic, The Refuge, the Salvation Army and Meals on Wheels in Greenwood. She also belongs to Greenwood Chapter of Psi Iota Xi which supports the Riley Hospital and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra; the Indiana University Alumni Association; Indiana Teachers Association; National Education Association; Indianapolis Art Museum; Indianapolis Zoo; and Soul Purpose, a Christian ladies’ singing group. She keeps in touch with her education background by volunteering in her granddaughter’s school, Center Grove Elementary.

“It’s personally fulfilling,” Becky said. “I like to be of help wherever I can. I find it very satisfying to be of help.We love the community. Our daughter grew up here. She married a fellow who grew up here. We’re happy to give back.”

It’s not all work. Becky and Larry make sure to do many of the things they love: travel, watching sports (particularly tennis), cook, read, go to the theater, symphony and spend time with family. The couple has a daughter, Jennifer Rae, son-in-law, Kevin Clutter and granddaughter, Emma.

Here, learn more about our September ICON of the Month, Becky Davis.

What do you consider your greatest virtue?


What do you most deplore in others?

If they are judgmental or racist.

What do you like most about living in Center Grove?

My family and friends live here plus the school system is excellent.

If you had to live anywhere else in the Metro Indianapolis area, where would it be?

I am very happy and content living here in the Center Grove area.

If you could begin life over, what would you change?

Maybe be a little more daring and adventurous.

If money were no issue, how would you spend it?

I admire the work of Bill and Melinda Gates who are dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals.  I would like to help lift up needy people out of hunger and poverty.

What makes you happiest?

Spending time with my family.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

When our daughter Jennifer was growing up, we would vacation every summer at Kiaweh Island off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.  We have wonderful memories of those times.

What do you do with idle time?

Read; garden; watch a good movie; or work puzzles(am addicted to Lumosity and Sudoku).

What is it that makes you angry?


What do you do to escape from reality?

Attend a symphony concert, go to an art museum or the theater.  My ideal “night on the town’ is a nice dinner and enjoying a Broadway musical.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Larry, my husband of 47 years.  But I am also crazy about my granddaughter, Emma.

Which living person in Center Grove do you most admire?

I would like to mention three ladies. I admire Betty Sisco and Mary Kay Anthony, both retired public school educators, who now devote many hours to philanthropic projects. Being myself a retired choral music teacher, I appreciate and understand the amount of time and effort Jennifer Dice, current CGHS Choral Director, devotes to her excellent program.

What is the quality you like most in a man?

Humor – my husband has a wicked sense of humor that is refreshing especially during difficult times.

What is the quality you like most in a woman?

Their unselfishness toward family and community.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Our European vacations.

What are your fears/phobias?

Claustrophobia maybe –  I got stuck once in a very small hotel elevator in Ennis, Ireland and almost panicked.

What has been the happiest time of your life?

Larry and I are really enjoying our retirement.  We are getting to travel as well as devote time and energy to various projects of interest to us.

Which talent would you most like to possess?

I play the piano but I would love to play like Andre Watts, a classical pianist and professor at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.

What do you most value in your friends?

Loyalty and honesty.

Which historical figure do you most admire?

Abraham Lincoln – the things I admire about him are:  his honesty; devotion to his family; his adherence to moral and ethical principles; and his wonderful speeches(especially The Second Inaugural Address).

What is your greatest regret?

Not trying to sing professionally.

What tenet do you live by?

“Have courage and be kind.”  I love this quote from the movie:  “Cinderella” starring Lily James.

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