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Greg and Lorrie Gray to sell Ella’s Frozen Yogurt

Greg and Lorrie Gray to sell Ella’s Frozen Yogurt

By Amy Moshier

Greg and Lorrie Gray are grateful to have had nine years of successful family-oriented business at Ella’s Frozen Yogurt in Greenwood. As they pursue finding new owners for the business, they do so with many fond memories. “Greg and I are so grateful to have these past nine years. Ella’s has brought us so much joy, many, many friends and opportunities to give back,” said Lorrie.

According to the retiring business owners, working with young people has been a great experience for them. “Ella’s has been the ‘first job’ for many high school students. It’s been a joy to watch them grow. So many of them are married with their own families now,” said Lorrie.

This was not an easy decision to make, but in the end, a new stage of life presented itself. A new grandchild came upon the scene as well, and that proved to be a deciding factor.

George Gray, son of Greg and Lorrie Gray, along with his wife, Becky; Greg Gray; George and Becky’s son Nolan; Lorrie Gray; George and Becky’s daughter Amelia; Jennifer Greenstone, Greg and Lorrie’s daughter, along with her husband, TJ, and their son, Jackson. (Submitted photo)

“We have spent much time in prayer and conversation on how to proceed,” said Lorrie. “We love what we do, and Ella’s is a big part of who we are. Bottom line, though is this: Tomorrow is promised to no one; life is fragile, and we’ve been blessed. Greg and I are in our 60s, and we just had our third beautiful grandchild. We want to take them (their grandchildren) camping, do some travelling and see how God uses us next.”

The Grays hope their business, which also caters birthday parties and baby showers, will continue to be family-oriented and would love if it could remain a faith-based business, as well. “As far as what we’re looking for in new owners, we would love for a local family (to take over Ella’s), a family who loves the Lord, a family who wants to be part of the community and give back. Someone who cares about ‘our kids’ (employees). We just live down the street so when we drive by Ella’s we want to smile, not be sad,” said Lorrie.

New owners would have a lot to look forward to. “We know Ella’s is successful just as it is, but there is always room for improvement. It has incredible untapped potential,” she said. “I think fresh eyes can be a great thing, here. And the location is fantastic! On a summer day, folks on 135 can see our full patio and our bright umbrellas. Our neighbors here are great, as well.”

The Grays have been so happy to see that business has remained strong throughout the years. “Ella’s has continued to grow each year and for that, we’re grateful. If we were in our 40s and didn’t have those amazing grandbabies, we would grow it even more. There is much potential here. We love our community and we think the community loves Ella’s,” she said.

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