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Greenwood approves new trail projects

Greenwood approves new trail projects

The city of Greenwood is planning new additions and updates to its trail system as officials seek to increase connectivity and walkability. During its May meeting last week, the Greenwood Parks & Recreation Board approved several trail projects, including a new multi-purpose trail from Averitt Road to Freedom Park and improvements to Polk Hill Trail and Firemen’s Play Pocket Trail, south of Fire Station 91.

“Greenwood continues to improve connectivity, quality of life and walkability for all of our residents, young and old,” said Greenwood Mayor Mark W. Myers. “Our Parks and Recreation Department has focused heavily on trails during the past several years, and we are now up to 45 linear miles with plans for continued expansion. Our city places a high priority on public and natural amenities.”

During the meeting, the Parks & Recreation Board approved a 1.5-inch overlay to the Polk Hill Trail. The trail stretches for two miles, beginning at Main Street and Emerson Avenue and finishing near Craig Park at Smith Valley Road and Madison Avenue.

The city of Greenwood has approved several trail projects. (Submitted photo)

The Polk Hill Trail also features several public art displays. Art on the trailway has been installed since 2012, and sculptures are replaced approximately every two years. The city plans to replace several displays with new art beginning July 15.

Later in the meeting, board members approved a new multi-purpose trail from Averitt Road to the north entry of Freedom Park. The new trail will provide connectivity to neighborhoods both north and south of Freedom Park and includes access for pedestrians and bicyclists. Construction is set to begin in June with a projected completion by the end of the summer.

“We want residents to have the convenience of walking or biking from one corridor of the city to the next,” said Greenwood Parks & Recreation Director Rob Taggart. “Any addition – big or small – to our parks and trail system is a win for residents, visitors and Greenwood as a whole. We look forward to continue pursuing additional opportunities for walkability and public recreation.”

Board members also approved adding a 1.5-inch overlay to the walking trail near the Firefighters Play Pocket. The Play Pocket Trail stretches from Craig Park to Fire Station 91 along Main Street and features four separate playgrounds, each with its own theme.

For a more information on Greenwood’s trails, please visit: greenwood.in.gov/division/blocks.php?structureid=40.

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