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Graduation 2017: Learn about the top of the class

Graduation 2017: Learn about the top of the class

Center Grove High School graduates 582 students

Center Grove High School (CGHS) graduated 582 students on June 4 in the high school’s Vandermeer Gymnasium.

One graduate, Parker Ferguson, plans to enter the US Air Force Academy. Another, Vanessa Kuechler, will attend Indiana University on an ROTC scholarship. Thirteen students have also shared plans to enlist in the military following graduation.

“This class has earned $6 million in academic and athletic scholarships to continue their educations, which is exceptional.” said Doug Bird, principal. “We are proud of the accomplishments of those who will be continuing their academic careers in colleges and universities in Indiana and around the country. We also take pride in those who have chosen to serve their country in the military after graduation. They all have bright futures ahead of them.”

Among the graduates, 253 seniors received Core 40 with Academic Honors diplomas. To qualify for Academic Honors, students must meet additional requirements beyond the state mandates for a Core 40 diploma, including a GPA of a B or better, along with additional math, world language, and fine arts credits.

Twenty-nine seniors have received an associate degree in General Studies from Vincennes University, along with their high school diploma, through the CGHS Early College program. Forty-nine students received a 30-hour General Education Core Certificate, which means they met all requirements for general education courses at all state universities in Indiana.

Learn more about Valedictorian Ashley Varney, and Salutatorian Max Newport:

Sarah Ashley Varney


GPA: 4.864

Future education: Purdue University Honors College

Intended major: Biochemistry, pharmacy, or chemical engineering

What piece of advice would you give underclassmen?

Walk with a purpose in the halls, and it is ok to not do your homework. Just be sure it doesn’t become a habit.

Who has guided you the most through your high school journey?

I have had several inspiring teachers, including Mr. Lawson and Mr. Kominowski, who have helped me develop my time management skills, writing abilities, and love for chemistry.

In 50 years, suppose you were to write a book. What would the title be?

Friends, Family, and Faith: Things that Actually Matter – this is the most important lesson I’ve learned in high school, and I’m sure in fifty years I will still have the same view of life

Max Newport


GPA: 4.821

Future education: Stanford University

Intended major: Engineering Physics

What piece of advice would you give underclassmen?

No matter what, put your interests first when it comes to coursework selection. Don’t pick classes because they’re weighted; take a class because it’s something you’re interested in. You’ll get so much more out of a class you’re passionate or curious about than a class you just took to help pad your grade. Colleges don’t want to see all weighted courses- they want to see someone who has clear focus and verifiable interest in their schoolwork.

Who has guided you the most through your high school journey?

My parents have been the most supportive people for me. I’ve never been the kind of kid that asks for help with homework, and my parents often let me handle academic work independently- whenI have problems, I am the one that deals with them. But they instilled me with the confidence to be independent, and gave me the outlook towards life that fuels my dedication. They’re both fantastic role models, and if I can be half the person that my parents are, I’ll know that I’ve succeeded in life.

In 50 years, suppose you were to write a book. What would the title be?

I Know Nothing: The Guide to Knowing Everything

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